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The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently considered whether police officers are permitted to testify concerning the administration of field sobriety tests (FST’s) where they suspect the driver is operating under the influence of marijuana.  Unlike in cases involving alleged operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (OUI/DUI), police officers, the state’s highest court held, may not testify to the administration and results of FST’s in cases involving suspected OUI/DUI drugs/marijuana.

In this case, Commonwealth v. Gerhardt, a Massachusetts State Police Trooper stoped the defendant at 12:20 a.m. because his lights were out. The defendant was driving, and there were two passengers in the car.  As the trooper approached the vehicle after the stop, he “saw smoke inside the vehicle” and “detected ‘the distinct odor of burnt marijuana.'”  The trooper asked the occupants when they had smoked marijuana (start using CBD from CBD Oil UK instead of marijuana or something like THC gummies) and one of the passengers stated they had smoked about 20 minutes ago. The defendant, however, stated that they had smoked 3 hours earlier. The trooper asked the defendant how much he had smoked, and the defendant stated he had smoked about 1 gram of marijuana. One can also get it from Holy Grail hash Weed Store and these days it is easily available online in places that its legal. However, in states that it isn’t legal, it is important to follow the law and if you ever do get into legal trouble you may need a bail bonds agency that can provide arrest bail bonds or surety bond services as well as assistance on your bail. 

The defendant was ordered to exit the vehicle and asked to perform field sobriety tests. The trooper administered the horizontal gaze nystagmus test; the 9 step walk and turn test; and the one legged stand test. He also asked the defendant to recite the alphabet from D to Q and to count backwards from 75 to 62.  He passed the nystagmus test and he was able to recite the portion of alphabet and to count backwards.

A Massachusetts man pulled over in Hingham for suspected OUI / DUI Charges is arrested and additionally charged with Drug Crimes.

The defendant, Stephen Conte, was pulled over by Hingham Police for allegedly operating under the influence of alcohol this past weekend when police saw his car swerve and hit a snow bank. After the vehicle backed up and continued driving, the officer turned his cruiser around but reportedly lost sight of the car.

According to Hingham police, the defendant’s car was located and speeding, and was eventually pulled over.

A Newton-Wellesley Hospital emergency room doctor was arrested earlier this month on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges after she allegedly crash into traffic in State Street in Wellesley.

Dr. Kristin Howard, 56, was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Leaving the Scene of Property Damage and Unlawful Possession of Class C and E Substances.

According to police, the doctor allegedly drove through the Wellesley whole foods parking lot, through grass and bushes, and into the street, striking another car and pushing it into a car on the other side of the street.

Massachusetts prosecutors have obtained indictments in Middlesex Superior Court against a Stoneham man who is alleged to have drove under the influence of alcohol and drugs and striking two Stoneham police officers.

Thomas Fernandes, 30, of Stoughton, was arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court for OUI / DUI Liquor; Reckless Driving; Leaving the Scene of an Accident; Armed Assault to Murder; Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon; Failure to Stop for Police; Resisting Arrest; and Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class A Substance.

According to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, Thomas Fernandes allegedly drove his car down a wrong way street while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, during which time he allegedly crashed with other cars and tried to leave the scene. Prosecutors further allege that, while trying to get away, he also struck two police officers who tried to stop him.

Boghosian_03driver1_MET[1].jpgAddis Gabriel Wildeguiorguis, of Dorchester, was arrested on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law Violations this morning after he crashed a van with 12 special needs individuals into a garbage truck. He was arraigned in Newton District Court on OUI / DUI charges including Operating Under the Influence of Drugs and Unlawful Possession of a Class B Substance, Crack Cocaine.

According to Newton Police and the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, Wildeguiorguis was driving a van for AART Transportation when he allegedly drove right into a garbage truck. Passengers in the van included 12 special needs individuals, who were being transported to a center to receive services or treatment.

Prosecutors allege that when police responded, Wildeguiorguis told officers he had ingested oxycodone pills. Following his alleged admission of having ingested the pills, he was arrested for DUI / OUI. A search of the van following his arrest allegedly yielded a crack pipe and a bag believed to contain crack cocaine.

Paul Zangla, 45, of Quincy, was arrested on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges after being rescued from his burning car following a crash. He was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

According to the Quincy Police Department, officers responded to the scene of an accident and observed a man tending to a man, later identified as Paul Zangla, near the scene of a burning car. Officers reported that Zangla was unconscious and was falling in and out of sleep. Zangla reportedly had no perception of his surroundings and was inquiring what had happened to his car.

The witness who was on scene told officers that he was home sleeping when he heard a loud bang. Going out to investigate, he reportedly saw that a car had crashed into a dump truck and had caught on fire. The man then said he pulled Zangla out of the burning car and tended to him until police arrived.

Joseph Palermo, 42, of Brookline, was arrested this past weekend on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Crimes after allegedly hitting an 8 year old boy. Palermo was arraigned in Brookline District Court on the DUI charge of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Drugs.

According to the Brookline Police, Joseph Palermo struck the 8 year old boy who had suddenly ran in front of his car. Palermo maintains that he was driving slow at the time and there is no indication from the Brookline Police that he was not driving slowly and appropriately.

After allegedly striking the boy, Palermo immediately got out of his car and checked on the well-being of the child to determine if he needed any aid. The child was alert and only complained of stomach pains.

Anthony M. Mahoney, 25, of Quincy, was arrested Monday night in Braintree on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges for allegedly driving a U-Haul truck while high on drugs. He was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs.

According to the Braintree Police Department, a driver called police on Monday night and complained that he was nearly forced off the road by a man driving a U-Haul truck. Officers responded to the area located the U-Haul truck in the area of Elm and Middle Streets in Braintree.

The driver, according to Braintree Police, had signs of ‘impaired operation’, but the officers did not detect any smell of alcohol. The officers then had Anthony Mahoney exit his vehicle to perform Field Sobriety Tests, and while doing so, officers searched the U-Haul. As a result of the search, police allegedly found residue of a white substance on the center console of the truck, as well as the corner of a torn baggie, which police allege is “commonly used to package narcotics”.

George Tzokos, 42, of North Andover, was arrested this past Monday for allegedly violating the Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws and has been charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs.

According to the North Andover Police Department, George Tzokos was stopped by police after allegedly making an illegal left turn. Officers who pulled him over allege that he ‘appeared to be under the influence of an opiate’. There is no indication what other factors led police to believe that Tzokos was Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, e.g., whether he submitted to any Field Sobriety Tests and/or an Alcohol Breath Test.

A passenger in Tzokos’ car, Damian Kazakides, was also arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Class E Drugs.

police lights.jpegLinda Marie Couite, 46, was arrested on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges after allegedly leading police on a short slow-moving pursuit in Abington.

Couite was arraigned in Brockton District Court for Operating Under the Influence of Drugs, Failing to Stop for Police, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Unlawful Possession of Drugs.

According to the dui lawyer handling this case, officers were called to investigate reports of an ‘erratic driver’ driving on Washington Street in Abington. Officers reported that Couite allegedly drove her car the wrong way and into traffic, on the sidewalk, and ultimately collided with another car head-on.

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