Winthrop Man Charged with Drunk Driving Homicide in Boating Death

A man was arraigned this morning in Hingham District Court and charged with Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law Violations in connection with an alleged drunk boating accident that resulted in the death of a Winthrop woman, Regina Mosher.

Thompson has been charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Manslaughter by Driving Under the Influence.

According to the Hull Police Department, Lloyd W. Thompson was allegedly driving the boat when it collided with a another sailboat Saturday night. Upon impact, police believe that Regina Mosher was ejected from the boat into the water. Although she was reportedly rescued from the water within minutes, she reportedly died from brain injuries at a Boston hospital.

The Hull Police allege that Thompson was navigating the boat at about 19 miles per hour at the time of the crash, and allegedly admitted to having drank, though only two or three. Police did seize empty beer bottles and an empty wine box from Thompson’s boat, though there were 9 other passengers on board.

Thompson reportedly told police that he did notice the sailboat ahead of him at the last minute and unsuccessfully tried to avoid the crash by turning hard and throttling back. He is reportedly an experienced sailer, with 17 years of experience and familiarity with the area.

By all accounts, this incident appears to be nothing more than a truly tragic accident, with little or no evidence that Thompson’s ability to safely navigate the sailboat was impaired by alcohol. Accidents do happen, and by all accounts, Thompson appeared to be alert, cognizant and able to relate his accounts to the police.

Without any other significant witness accounts or that he failed any Field Sobriety Tests or a Breathalyzer Test, the Hingham District Court’s imposition of a relatively low cash bail following his arraignment, $1,500, may suggest that this case is more of an accident that a ‘drunk boating’ incident.

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