Massachusetts Police Charge Bridgewater Woman in Fatal DUI Crash

Patricia Neville-Colp was arrested and charged with Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law Violations following a crash in Stoughton last night that resulted in the death of one, and serious injuries to two others.

Neville-Colp was charged with Motor Vehicle Homicide by OUI, Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, and Operating Under the Influence of Drugs.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, Patricia Neville-Colp allegedly cut across two lanes when she collided with a another car. The crash resulted in a passenger being killed, and two others in the car being seriously injured.

The crime of Vehicular Homicide in Massachusetts is punishable by imprisonment to state prison for not less than 2.5 years or up to 15 years. Alternatively, a person may also be committed to a lesser sentence in the House of Corrections for not less than 1 year and not more than 2.5 years.

Motor Vehicle Homicide punishes those drivers that, as a result of intoxication by drugs or alcohol, negligent and recklessly operate a motor vehicle so that the lives or safety of the public might be endangered, and which results in the death of another person.

Aside for the potential for imprisonment, a person convicted of Vehicular Homicide in Massachusetts will also face suspension of his/her driver’s license for 15 years. For subsequent offenders, the drivers license revocation is for life.

Patricia Neville-Colp is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning on Massachusetts OUI Charges in Stoughton District Court.

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