Methuen Man Charged with OUI and Reckless Driving

Steven S. Kurelko, 35, of Methuen, Massachusetts, was arrested this past weekend by the Massachusetts State Police for Drunk Driving after crashing his car into another that left two women seriously injured.

Kurelko was allegedly driving eastbound on 213 in Methuen when he struck another car sometime around 9 p.m. That other car was occupied by two women, both of Chelmsford, which were flown to Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston with serious injuries.

Very few details surrounding the crash were released, but Massachusetts State Police did report that one of the vehicles rolled over and emergency personnel had to free one of the victims, who was trapped inside the car.

Kurelko was arraigned yesterday morning on Operating Under the Influence of Liquor (OUI), Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Speeding.

OUI/DUI Drunk Driving in Massachusetts:
Criminal charges for drunk driving are taken very seriously in Massachusetts, and prosecuted very aggressively by every District Attorney’s Office.

Although Drunk Driving charges are fairly common and one of those crimes often committed by persons with no prior criminal record or involvement with police, the consequences of an OUI/DUI conviction can be devastating. Not only do OUI/DUI charges carry a potential term of imprisonment, but they also carry significant penalties that may include license suspension, fines, probation, counseling, drug/alcohol treatment, and community service. Click here for Massachusetts Drunk Driving Penalties.

The strength of your OUI/DUI defense depends on a number of factors, but in most cases the prosecutors relies upon the police officer’s observations of the means and manner you allegedly operated your vehicle. In drunk driving cases, the police will try to establish evidence that your ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired to some degree by alcohol or drugs.

Additional factors in your OUI/DUI case may include whether you were involved in an accident; if there was evidence of alcohol consumption in the car, such as an open container; whether you submitted to a Breathalyzer or Refused the Breathalyzer; or how well or poorly you performed in any Field Sobriety Tests.

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