Former Head of Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Busted for Drunk Driving in Harverhill

Matthew Amorello, former State Senator and Chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, was arrested late Saturday evening and was scheduled to be arraigned this morning on DUI / OUI Charges and Leaving the Scene of Property Damage.

According to the Haverhill Police Department, Amorello was reportedly driving drunk and collided with several parked vehicles in Haverhill. He further did not immediately pull over, which led to the additional charge of Leaving the Scene of Property Damage. His vehicle was located at a nearby car dealership with a wheel missing and Amorello inside the car alone. It is not believed that Amorello submitted to any Field Sobriety Tests or a Alcohol Breath Test.

OUI/DUI – Drunk Driving Charges:
Although OUI/DUI charges are fairly common, the consequences of a drunk driving conviction can be life-altering. Not only can a DUI conviction carry a potential term of imprisonment, but it can also carry significant penalties that may include license suspension, fines, probation, counseling, drug/alcohol treatment, and community service.

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Leaving the Scene of Property Damage:
It is a crime if you knowingly collide or get into an accident with your vehicle and fail to stop or make your identity and registration of your vehicle known. Massachusetts law punishes violators of the crime of Leaving the Scene of Property Damage with imprisonment of not less than 2 weeks and up to 2 years in the House of Corrections.

With regards to the crime of Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, the extent of damage is not relevant except to the extent that it is circumstantial evidence to whether or not the defendant knew that there had been a collision.

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