Braintree Police Charge Brockton Man with 2nd Massachusetts DUI

James A. Spencer, of Brockton, was arrested this past week by Braintree Police officers on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges. He was arraigned in Quincy District Court for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, 2nd Subsequent Offense.

According to the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, James Spencer was allegedly stopped early Thursday morning by Braintree Police Officers responded to a report of a vehicle driving erratically and which may have struck the curb several times. Officers then allegedly observed Spencer operating his vehicle at the intersection of Hancock and Plain Street, where the then signaled for him to stop his car.

Braintree Police allegedly observed “possible signs of intoxication” and asked him to perform several Field Sobriety Tests. Because nobody can pass any Field Sobriety Tests in Massachusetts with 100% success, he was placed under arrest for OUI / DUI.

Although James Spencer allegedly recorded a reading of over 0.16% when he later agreed to a Breathalyzer Test, as in every OUI / DUI prosecution, it is critical that the defense team evaluate all data to verify that the Breathalyzer machine was properly calibrated and that the test was properly administered.

Additionally, as with many drunk driving cases, that the police claim that the person failed any or all of the Field Sobriety Tests is not fatal to your DUI / OUI defense. The reality is that all Field Sobriety Tests are subjective and the officer’s goal when administered these tests is to fail you.

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