1,000+ DUI Cases Compromised from Miscalibrated Breathalyzer Tests

Police officials in Philadelphia recently acknowledged that miscalibrated Breathalyzer machines had compromised almost 1,200 DUI Charges for the previous year, calling into question most, if not all, of those drunk driving convictions where a Breathalyzer Test was administered.

As a result, the District Attorney’s Offices in Philadelphia will initiate a complete review of all DUI / OUI convictions from September 2009 to November 2009, which is believed to be the time period where the miscalibrated Breathalyzer Tests affected those criminal prosecutions.

The miscalibration of these Breathalyzer Tests exemplifies how susceptible these machines are and illustrates the great importance to Consult with a Boston DUI Lawyer to properly evaluate and defend your Massachusetts DUI / OUI Charges.

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