Westborough Woman Faces 4th Drunk Driving Charge

Karen E. Bleakney, 48, was arrested by Westborough Police Officers last month and charged with Massachusetts OUI Crimes after allegedly crashing her car into a tree in the front yard of a home in Westborough.

Bleakney was arraigned in Westborough District Court and charged with Driving Under the Influence, 4th Subsequent Offense, Operating Under the Influence While License Suspended for Previous Drunk Driving Offense, Negligent Driving, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident After Causing Property Damage.

Following her arraignment, Bleakney was held without bail pending a Dangerousness Hearing.

According to the Westborough Police Department, officers arrived at the address of 132 Milk Street to discover that a car had entered the front yard, struck a tree, and then left the yard. Officers reportedly located Bleakney’s car a few streets away, which had significant damage and was missing a front tire. Bleakney was allegedly standing next to the car and identified by a witness as the driver…

It’s unclear whether Bleakney submitted to any Field Sobriety Tests, a Breathalyzer Test, or what other evidence Westborough Police discovered to believe that she was allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

In Massachusetts, a 4th Subsequent Drunk Driving Charge carries the potential for significant jail time, up to 5 years – 2 years of which is minimum-mandatory. Additionally, a conviction for a DUI 4th Offense can lead to a Driver’s License Suspension for 10 years; cancellation of the vehicle’s registration plates; and the District Attorney can seek forfeiture of the vehicle.

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