Taunton Man Arrested on Fourth Massachusetts OUI Charge

Jason Pepin, 38, was arraigned Monday in the Taunton District Court on Massachusetts OUI Charges, including Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, 4th Offense; Failure to Stop for Police; Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle; and Resisting Arrest.

Pepin was arrested early Monday morning after he allegedly led Taunton Police Officer on a “slow-speed chase”. According to the Taunton Police Department, Pepin drew police attention when an officer saw him allegedly make an illegal left turn while also going through a stop sign.

When the Taunton Police Officer activated his lights and tried to pull him over, Pepin allegedly continued for a short while until he finally stopped ‘abruptly’, which also forced the officer to slam his brakes and veer in order to avoid rear-ending Pepin. At that point, when the officer got out of car and began to approach, Pepin allegedly fled.

Pepin allegedly stopped and took off once more, and even allegedly ran several red lights before finally stopping in front of a bus terminal, but only after several other Taunton Police Officers responded and boxed in his car.

Ignoring officers’ commands to roll down his window, officers ultimately broke Pepin’s driver’s side window. Still refusing to get out of the car, one officer got in the car to restrain him from behind, while other officers managed to turn the car’s ignition off and forcefully remove Pepin.

As in typical fashion whenever anyone is charged with OUI / Drunk Driving, Taunton Police Officers allegedly ‘detected a strong smell of alcohol’ and Pepin exhibited ‘slurred speech and red, glassy eyes.’

At his arraignment, the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office reported to the judge that Pepin had a previous history with OUI arrest, including Taunton and Attleboro.

He is currently being held without bail pending a Dangerousness Hearing.

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