Nantucket Police Sergeant Charged with Drunk Driving

A Nantucket Police Sergeant has reportedly been charged by his own police department as having violated the Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws. He has been charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, and is also under investigation by the District Attorney’s Office for other charges as well.

According to the Nantucket Police Department, the sergeant was off-duty when he was allegedly tailgating another vehicle that had two female occupants. The sergeant reportedly flashed his high-beams to signal the other car to pull over. Once that female driver pulled over, the unidentified sergeant allegedly approached and thought that he had a gun in his hand. The women then called the police and reported the incident, giving a description of the man.

Based on the purported description, Nantucket Police officers went to the unidentified sergeant’s home. Although details have not been released, the police supervisor made “observations” which he then communicated to the District Attorney’s Office, who in turn issued a summons for arraignment on the charged of Driving Under the Influence.

With regard to any of the other allegations, including whether the unidentified sergeant had removed his firearm when approaching the females, the matter is under investigation, during which time he has been placed on administrative leave.

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