Medfield Teen Charged with DUI Following Crash Into Tree

An 18 year old Medfield teenager has been summonsed to answer on various Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges after he allegedly crashed his car into a tree last week. The teen has been charged with OUI / DUI Liquor, Malicious Destruction of Property and Leaving the Scene of an Accident After Property Damage.

According to Medfield Police, officers responded to a call that a car had crashed into a tree and allegedly discovered the man walking up the street and away from the accident. He was eventually transported to Norwood Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Officers allege that the charge of Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol was based on their observation of the driver at the scene, including the apparent odor of alcohol, “eye condition”. It is also alleged that the man submitted to and failed Field Sobriety Tests and allegedly admitted to having consumed alcohol.

Despite all this, the Medfield man may very well have viable defenses to these DUI / OUI charges if his defense is able to pick away at the allegations. For example, challenging the administration and accuracy of the Field Sobriety Tests; seeking to exclude any alleged admissions he may have made; submitting evidence of the road or weather conditions that might have played a factor in the accident.

At the end of the day, every case and all specific allegations should and must be examined with a fine tooth comb. Cases that might appear like slam dunks for the prosecution on their face, sometimes actually turn into great cases for the defense down the road.

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