Massachusetts Woman Arrested for OUI / DUI Child Endangerment

Massachusetts has strict Drunk Driving Laws and Penalties, and if you are caught driving while allegedly impaired by drugs or alcohol, the charges and penalties get even stiffer.

This past week, for instance, a Barnstable woman was arrested last week on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges after she allegedly drove while impaired with her 4 year old in the car. She was arraigned in Barnstable District Court on charges of Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Child Endangerment while Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.

Child Endangerment While Operating Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol in Massachusetts was enacted as a result of “Melanie’s Law” in 2005. This crime punishes those who operate a car while under the influence of drugs or alcohol while a child aged 14 years or younger is in the car.

For first time offender, the law punishes those convicted with a mandatory 90 day sentence to the Massachusetts House of Corrections, up to a maximum of 2.5 years; along with a suspension of the person’s driver’s license for 1 year. Second time offenders, however, face an even stiffer sentence of at least 6 months to jail, or 3-5 years if sent to state prison; along with a 3 year loss of license.

Notably, a person can be prosecuted of BOTH OUI / DUI and separately, the crime of Child Endangerment While OUI / DUI.

Given the harsh penalties and aggressive prosecutions, persons charged with Massachusetts DUI / OUI & Related Crimes should immediately Consult with a Boston DUI / OUI Lawyer.

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