Massachusetts State Police Increase Drunk Driving Patrols

sobriety checkpoint.jpgThe Massachusetts State Police have reportedly increased their Massachusetts Drunk Driving patrols this past weekend, specifically in the area of southeastern Massachusetts Route 24 and Interstate 195.

11 additional Massachusetts State Police patrols will reportedly be used on those roads through the end of September, targeting the weekend hours between Friday and Sunday. To date, at least 10 people have been charged with OUI / DUI, with over 200 others being cited for other motor vehicle violations.

Just this past weekend, a Brockton man was arrested on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges when he was allegedly involved in a crash on Route 24 in Freetown. He was charged with DUI / OUI and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

District Attorneys’ offices across the state aggressively prosecute even first time OUI / DUI offenders, particularly since the implementation of Melanie’s Law several years ago. The law currently punishes a first-time drunk driving offender with a maximum penalty of 2.5 years in the House of Corrections, fines totaling up to $5,000, and a loss of the person’s driver’s license for 1 year.

Massachusetts 1st Offense OUI / DUI Laws also provide for what is called an “Alternative Disposition”, meaning the person, before trial, may change his plea and admit to ‘sufficient facts’ and obtain a Continuance Without a Finding. In this alternative disposition, the person would be placed on probation; ordered to enter and a complete a Drug-Alcohol Education Program; pay fines/fees in the area of $1,000, and lose his/her driver’s license for a period of no more than 90 days. Upon successful completion of this probation, the case, which was “Continued Without a Finding”, would be dismissed.

Any potential loss of license involved in a DUI / OUI conviction or in an alternative disposition such as a Continuance Without a Finding is above and beyond whatever loss of license the person may face if there is a Breathalyzer Test Failure or Refusal. For instance, a first time breathalyzer refusal would subject the person to a mandatory loss of license for 180 days; and a person who had 3 or more DUI offenses and refused to submit to a breathalyzer could lose his license for life.

The length of time for license suspensions involving breathalyzer refusals could also vary for drivers under 18, as well as for driver’s between the ages of 18 and 21.

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