Massachusetts Governor’s Aid Stopped for Drunk Driving in Brookline

Ronald Bell, an aide to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, was stopped by Brookline Police this past weekend and charged with Drunk Driving.

According to Brookline Police, Bell was pulled over for allegedly speeding on Route 9 and swerving into another lane. Once pulled over, the officer reported smelling alcohol on Bell’s breath and repeatedly ordered him to show his hands as Bell was searching for something on the floor area.

After being ordered to exit the vehicle, Bell allegedly failed Field Sobriety Tests and admitted to having drank two beers a few hours earlier. He did, however, refuse to take a Breathalyzer Test.

Brookline Police further reported that Bell repeatedly name-dropped that he worked for Deval Patrick and that he has powerful friends. Apparently, the officer either didn’t care who he was or the name-dropping only encourage the police officer to arrest him…

Bell was arraigned in Brookline District Court Monday morning and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and released on Personal Recognizance.

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