Fall River Man Cited for Alleged DUI Following Crash

Jason J. Reis, 33, of Fall River, was summonsed into court on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges after crashing his car this past weekend. Reis will be charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

According to Fall River Police, Reis was allegedly driving on North Main Street when he attempted to turn without signaling. As he did so, he allegedly struck another car. Following the accident, Jason Reis was taken to an area hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Simply because a person was involved in an accident is not fatal to your Massachusetts OUI / DUI case. Certainly, however, prosecutors will attempt to use each and every factor to establish evidence that your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely was impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Other common factors that police and prosecutors rely upon in Massachusetts DUI Charges are the smell of alcohol on your breath; unsteadiness on your feet; slurred speech; presence of alcohol containers in the car; and certainly, evidence of Field Sobriety Tests or Alcohol Breath Tests.

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