City Employee Charged with Drunk Driving in Attleboro

William T. O’Connell, 55, was arrested last weekend on Massachusetts Drunk Driving Charges after he allegedly sideswiped a car in Attleboro. He was arraigned earlier this week on 1st Offense DUI / OUI and Drunken Driving to Endanger.

According to the Attleboro Police Department, O’Connell, who works as a truck driver for the City of Attleboro, sideswiped a car in the early afternoon hours this past Saturday. Following his arrest, O’Connell reportedly submitted to a Breathalyzer Test which yielded a reading a reading of 0.24%, three times the legal limit.

As with all Massachusetts DUI / OUI Charges, the penalties of a conviction on these charges can be devastating; and are increasingly more severe with each subsequent conviction.

For example, a 1st Offense DUI Charge in Massachusetts carries up to 2.5 years in jail; a loss of one’s Driver’s License for 1 year; and fines reaching up to $5,000.

A first-time DUI offender, however, may take advantage of a section 24 ‘alternative disposition if the person elects to change his plea to a Continuance Without a Finding (akin to a plea of ‘no contest’). With the Alternative DUI / OUI Disposition, the defendant is typically placed on probation; ordered to complete a Drug-Alcohol Education Program; pay fines, fees and assessments in the area of $1,000; and loses his/her Massachusetts Driver’s License for 45 to 90 days.

Because of the major potential penalties, including jail time, that could result from an OUI conviction, if charged with any drunk driving crimes in Massachusetts, you should immediately Contact a Boston OUI Lawyer.

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