Boston Man Charged with 5th Drunk Driving Offense

A Boston man was indicted by a Suffolk County Grand Jury for allegedly violating the Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws. Neftali Pastrana, of Roslindale, was indicted by the Boston grand jury in August for allegedly Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, 5th Subsequent Offense.

According to the Boston Police Department, officers reportedly responded to a crash in Roslindale on Washington Street that involved a 72 year old West Roxbury woman who had gotten rear-ended by an SUV, allegedly driven by Pastrana.

Upon arrival, officers allegedly noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and reported that he had ‘glassy eyes’. Although Boston Police admit that Pastrana denied having consumed any alcohol, they then allege that he later told them that he had consumed alcohol at a local liquor store.

As they also do, the Boston Police alleged that Neftali Pastrana failed a series of Field Sobriety Tests, including the Alphabet Test, which notably is not a standardized recognized test.

A 5th Subsequent DUI / OUI Offense in Massachusetts is punishable by imprisonment for not less than 2.5 years and not more than 5 years in state prison. In addition, a person convicted of a 5th or subsequent drunk driving offense also faces a lifetime revocation of their driver’s license, without the possibility of ever obtaining a hardship license; and the district attorney’s office may also seek to forfeit the person’s vehicle.

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