Boston Firefighter Arrested for OUI, Assault & Battery Charges

A lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department was arrested this past weekend in what has been described an outright drunken road rage incident. Braintree Police have charged Paul Souza with several criminal offenses, including Operating Under the Influence and three counts of Assault & Battery.

After cutting off another car in Braintree, Massachusetts, the Boston firefighter is accused of forcing that car to stop, which was occupied by a couple and their son. Paul Souza is then alleged to have shouted obscenities at the other car, punching through the driver’s side window, and then speeding off. The other driver chased the Boston firefighter while calling police on his cell phone.

Although Mr. Souza tried to escape capture from police with sharp turns down side streets, he was eventually stopped and arrested. Braintree Police wrote in their report that he was uncooperative and could smell alcohol on his breath.

Read more on this report by John M. Guilfoil, Boston Globe.

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